Why Grace Point? The message is simple. Jesus is our Savior, not our taskmaster.

Our hearts are filled with peace as we realize all the promises are yes and amen in Jesus. FOR FREE!!!

God wants us our daily life to be lived in peace, not turmoil, not striving, not unrest but peace. Jesus has given us his peace and he wants us to enjoy it. As born again children of God we have been permanently placed in his Unmerited unearned favor.  Jesus came to bring us an amazing grace that fills our hearts with peace and takes the burden of our salvation off of our shoulders. We do not have to earn or even deserve the things that have been freely given to us. We just believe. His promises are FREE. He bought them. He paid for them. We just receive them. This fills our hearts with peace and allows genuine faith to flow. Legalism frustrates and destroys faith. Grace sets faith free to do what it was created to do. Simply receive a gift. Not earn a wage.  Come join us as we enjoy Jesus and his AMAZING Grace.

Communion the way Jesus intended it to be

As we look to Jesus we are filled with peace in chaotic world